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Lahaina Christian Fellowship is a progressive, charismatic multi-cultural church with roots in Assemblies of God, searching for a Senior Pastor who can lead the church in reaching the surrounding community and islands for Christ.

LCF was founded 50 years ago with a great impact on hippies and those searching for a better way. The grassroots beginnings has launched numerous pastors and missionaries around the world. The church is elder/board governed, leader led, and volunteer run. It is home to people of all ages, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and in various stages on their path to Christlikeness.

Our mission is to have an incredible effective church that attracts young families and young adults and walk them through spiritual transition to maturity in Christ. We want to fully optimize our facilities, campus and services to create the most exciting spiritual growth experience.

LCF opened their present facility 10 years ago in a prime location in Lahaina with plenty of room to grow and has a contagious faith for children and youth. How the church was built and paid for is an incredible miracle story in itself. It also shares its facilities with a growing Spanish speaking congregation that was started by LCF.

Lahaina Christian Fellowship is firmly established in the West Maui area, known for having a loving, missional heart that embraces a growth mindset.

Lahaina, Hawaii is 81 miles E of Honolulu, Hawaii and is one of the most beautiful spots in the world. It once served as the royal capital of Maui Loa. Since the 1820s, the Front Street has been active in Lahaina. The first mission school was established in 1824 by Betsey Stockton and boasts of having the oldest High School west of the Rockies.

Tourism in Lahaina is the main economic provider. This city has a small-town-feel and spreads its friendly charm through the 12,600 locals who live here. Mixed with a gorgeous ocean and perfect weather, Lahaina is a paradise for visitors but it creates a busy life for families in search of the true peace that only God can bring.

Lahaina Christian Fellowship is passionate about the mission that Christ has called us to. The vision to reach and disciple more people for Christ is deeply planted in our heart. There is an excitement and anticipation of watching our worship attendance grow with new believers from West Maui.

The ideal candidate for the Senior Pastor position at Lahaina Christian Fellowship is mature in their faith, has a passion for serving Christ, shares God's Word effectively, and experienced in strategic planning, managing, and leading others. This person will typically have experience in all areas of ministry--and has a track record of growing people and a church.

Position Overview

The Senior Pastor is responsible to cast and direct the vision of Lahaina Christian Fellowship, creating a unified and effective church, raising up leadership that supports healthy, long-term sustainability and growth of the church.

This is a full-time, salaried position, but may have to seek support in the early stages as the church grows in attendance and giving. As such, the new pastor is expected to manage his workload and time with the encouragement and insight of the board. A typical workweek for this position is 45-55 hours, with expectation that most of the work will occur in the office during normal business hours and on Sundays.

Working Relationships

This position will work in relationship with the elder/board in carrying out the churches vision and objectives. They will have the oversight responsibility for the development, corrective action and leading all Lahaina Christian Fellowship staff and teams, raising leaders up to share the ministry. The Senior Pastor serves as the spiritual and organizational leader. He is the tip of the spear, prayerfully designing and implementing the strategic direction of the church, while optimizing the church's human and financial resources.


Lead Lahaina Christian Fellowship to grow from 40 to 200 in weekly attendance as a multigenerational and multi-cultural body of Christ-followers who actively disciple people for Jesus.

Key Responsibilities
  • Lead the church in accomplishing its mission and vision through providing overall spiritual and strategic direction that multiplies disciples and expands God's kingdom. He will do this by effectively preaching and teaching and casting clear vision and direction.
  • Be responsible for the financial and facilities management.
  • Guard the unity and health of the leadership teams and church by encouraging loving, joyful relationships among the board members, staff, church leaders and members. This includes communicating effectively and resolving conflict well.
  • Monitor the church's financial health with the elder/board throughout the year, and lead adjustments when necessary to ensure financial responsibility.
  • Engage in the proper implementation of special projects and initiatives, planning, setting goals and executing them.
  • Provide pastoral care and duties in and outside the worship services.
  • Candidates for this role will have a loving heart for God and people.
  • Familiar with the aspects involving a "charismatic" view of the Holy Spirit and comfortable with engaging in those expressions.
  • Trained and Confident in sound doctrine and the presentation of God's Word.
  • A passionate follower of Christ who is spiritually mature with a heart for ministry and a mission mindset.
  • Ability to offer sound wisdom and work well with different personalities, work collaboratively, create unity and a selfless culture.
  • Maintain a spirit of confident humility, acknowledging own strengths and weaknesses, and those of others for the purpose of moving them toward the common good of the church.
  • A successful experience in working with other churches. Someone who has worked both as a support to staff members and as a key staff leader will thrive in this position.
  • A skilled speaker with a minimum five years of church leadership experience with a proven track record of growing ministries in a church, effective leadership, excellent manager of people and developer of leaders.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately, both orally and in writing.
  • Not afraid to make the hard decisions and say no.
  • Ability to lead through change and grow an organization.
Desired Traits
  • Biblical/theological training- Bachelor's degree or 10 years of pastoral experience.
  • Experience serving in a multicultural environment.
  • Served as an elder or a pastor at a similar church.

If you are interested, print and complete this application: Application
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